Avant-Garde, the new men fragrance from Lanvin


9 January 2012


Lanvin launches Vanguard, its new fragrance for man. This emblematic juice takes back the self-defining codes of fashion man Lanvin, defined in a eloquent manner by Alber Elbaz, artistic director of the brand: « appeal in worked noble subjects, taste of the well-manicured details, the modernity, the excellence, the sense of the working drawing and comfort ». For the fashion image, to wear perfume "Vanguard", it is to carry a part of dream, initiated by an unique olfactory style. Elegance and sophistication, subtlety and refinement, sensuality and boldness, this strong, immediately recognizable signature, is the contemporary incarnation of masculine style to the French. 

The man Vanguard

He is the dandy of modern time. Offhand, virile, smart, it has this way to be, these Parisian paces between chic and suppleness and this charismatic aura, which make it sure enough of him to give in never to self-importance. His taste asserted for the nice clothes and the nice subjects lead to hear that it takes its masculinity as much as its part of feelings and sensuality. It is an independent man in the numerous facets, with this small supplement of soul that allows him to demand its emotions without spoiling of delightful one carelessness.

Bottle chic

The progressive bottle reflects the perfectionist of aesthete of fashion Lanvin Homme. His lines in essential simplicity represent joyfully the smart, purified and contemporary style of the home. Refined ergonomic, curved forms and sensual touch, it retranslates with elegance the codes of an evening costume. His carnal body is dressed in a matt black in worked out nuance, crossed by a band of a metallic green grey, cut up on the bottle manner frank edge. This job on the fair alliance of colours and subjects explores the unique know-how of the home, as the fashion designer ready-to-wear clothes Lucas Ossendrijver defines them: « the man Lanvin likes exclusive cloths in delicate images, deep overalls, wrong blacks, dark greens, panoply of grey tints... Everything is in nuance, palette, emotion ». To create this subtlety of tonalities and this contrast of textures, the bottle was varnished first of all aquamarine, then metallic silver before being again varnished matt black. Ultimate detail and technical tournament of size: the cut laser. Allowing to clear the band and to initiate this unique glaucous image, she makes vibrate the juice in transparence. On the hood in alu, the logo Lanvin is in moderation serigraphed in black. Grey green body metallic, facade puts down, bright sides, black band embossée by babies picots, the case plays the opposites, taking back this duality of constitution dear to the man Lanvin. Graphic irony, the chosen typography is called « vanguard ».

Contemporary and righteous man, it is entirely « VANGUARD » .

Dandy style

It is an olfactory bomb! A fragrance in the clear-cut originality, the wooded oriental wake of which has the pure energy of wish. Masculine paces Lanvin become apparent thanks to this sweetened with honey, sensual, loving, hot and dry juice, in controlled sensuousness and in controlled boldness. Sharpened on - measure for a man in instinctive manliness, in delicate style, Vanguard of Lanvin has the distinguished and timeless modernity of the dandy. Imagined by Shyamala Maisondieu, it retranscribes with correctness the duel codes of Lanvin's men's fashion: « I wanted to interpret the relaxed elegance of Lanvin olfactivement, thanks to a purified, masculine and resolutely unique writing. Wooded perfumes fascinate me. I find them chic and comfortable. Their hot and sensual force attracts me just as much that it inspires me. The world which I created for Vanguard alloys noble raw materials as the vétiver and the benjoin with others, unforeseen, such as honeybee and tobacco. Spices? I always liked to work them because it is necessary to know how to handle them with circumspection to find the most fair freshness, most asserted, at the same time prickly and trenchant. I also played with an innovative, unique and powerful note: Georgywood. This existent raw material of the most recent technology matches perfectly with the virile architecture of perfume, thanks to its wooded ambrées facets ». Departure at the head of this oriental afforested alloys the freshness of the bergamote of Italy with prickly some black pepper of Madagascar, the pink berries and the essence of Dutch gin. The heart of dandy? It beats the chamade at the instigation of an armful of lavender, cool spices (walnut of nutmeg and cardamom) and gathered by a wax of honeybee which gives its braids sweetened with honey to the juice. In bottom, the vétiver mixes its raw intensity in the enveloping warmth of the benjoin, in the ecstatic volutes of an agreement tobacco and in ambrées wooded facets of the avant-gardist Georgywood. A daring writing, which leaves on the skin a at the same time intense and loving, dense and smart, round and structured note. Resolutely addictive. 


Eau de toilette - Atomizer 100 ml 70 €

Eau de toilette - Atomizer 50 ml 48 €

Deodorant - Stick 18 € Famil: Wooded oriental seasoned


Head: Black Pepper - pink Berries

Heart: Lavender - Wax of honeybee

Bottom: Benjoin - Wood of cedar GeorgywoodTM


In perfumery and department stores from Februar,y 2012 In preview on the site www.lanvinparfums.fr from January 2012

Agence: Surface To Air Photographes: Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin

Model: Alex Dunstan


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