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Photo credit Muchismo

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Artistic exposition filled with colors in Monaco

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22 April 2014

Red Monaco was the place to be for the artist Gregory Berben and his more than 200 guests , including many artists and professional athletes on Saturday, April 19, 2014 .

The individual exhibition is being held between April 8 to May 21, 2014 and 42 works are on display throughout the duration of the exhibition, paintings of all sizes from 20/20cm to 150cm formats , collages with sayings like "French Rock is Like English Wine " " Obey your thirst " " Like No Other "and" Life is a game . "

Also, there is the series 'tribute' to Coluche and Abbé Pierre ( 4 paintings) based on acrylic paint markers work and spray cans , sculptures such as the Bust of a woman in acrylic paint , projection , collages and work with markers, compositions based on computers and TV pieces, Portrait of Coluche in ironwork (in collaboration with D.Cesano), the pyramidal Tryptique collages , but also original hats.

For the first time they are exposed first five works from the " ART & SPORT " series, including the following athletes: Eric Bauthéac, Pierre Pujol, Victoria Ravva , Eva Yaneva , Ornella Ongaro and Alice Fougeray .

During the opening evening, a demonstration from the vice champion of the world in Foot Freestyle, Alice Fougeray was made.

"It's very nice to be able to share these moments with the athletes. It was my world for many years , so it's nice . They have mastered to perfection their sport , but then they go into an unknown area that requires a lot of imagination. Sessions often start slowly, and after a few minutes, all tame materials and know for themselves where they want to go. This is a real moment of sharing and I really want to certify that I never touch a ball during the sessions. "Said Gregory Berben .

An exposition not to be missed !