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Art, wine and St Tropez summer evening charm

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17 August 2017

The warming sunset flows and covers the entire vineyard bathing in sun lights like a poem to its dawn. The vineyard reflects the sun and makes the entrance to Bertaud Belieu domaine like a temple of Dionysus. People stars gathering in front of it just like in a typical Provencal summer evening.

An invitation to taste the savurous wine Beratud Belieu and to discover the world of contemporary art and luxury Ferrari cars. All in one place under the attentive organisation of the Private Club So Posh! Moreover, floating like in a Tropezian story while listening to saxophone music!  

We continued with the discovery of the wine cellar where the wine was kept in casks and prepared for « taking off ». Pieces of art were spread all over the place which made the visit quite interested to discover the both parts.

I could see Geraldine Morin's collage paintings with mix elements like Brigitte Bardot, James Dean, Steve McQueen and even Mickey Mouse to keep the cool of the entire work. And also the creative decoratif works of art that links to different brands from fashion or St Tropez.

Also, Catherine Lempereur's paintings were a splash of glamour mix of contemporary luxury elements. So chic, so sensual and so posh !

The last, but not the least, was Erik Salin whose works of art are a direct inspiration from the world of fashion, sport, celebrities. At the entrance of the domain, a huge Arton Seyna's helmet was definitely a work of art not to be missed. A perfect reproduction of the pilot's helmet kept the attention the entire evening. Placed perfectly next to Ferrari !

To conclude the beautiful evening, a beautiful acrobatic show created the emotions that danced with the art, the wine and the amazing Tropezian night !

Editor Andra Oprea