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Anti-ageing tips and trends


8 April 2013

Anti-ageing has always been the Graal for many women. Some tried to discover their own recipe, others are still searching to fight aging. Scientists have come with great findings and many of them were explained at the Anti-Aging Medecine World Congress at Monaco.

With a fantastic progress, in a world that quickly develops, women want to find the secret of eternal beauty. To fight against nature? At least, some women try!

Do you know your value?

I begin with this just to put a money mark on your ideas of beauty. If you tell me your being is preciousless, you are contradicting the modern scientists that tell that human being is worth 85 billion euros. And beauty industry has a price value for you also. Just you have to know how much you sell yourself to an image you want to create and how much are you prepared for it.

The future beauty techniques and the new trends:

You want to remain young, to erase the wrinkles, the scars, to shine in beauty. Well, doctors have the answer. From CO2 therapy to treat adiposities and skin irregularities to mesotherapy, liposuction, dermal filler treatments, laser treatment etc.

New trends on the aesthetic market are more and more active: lipofiling, the injection of PRP autologue, the injection of hyaluronic acid, the cryomodulation and combined techniques like the utilisation of hyaluronic acid with the toxine, the radiofrequency and peelings.

The fat si your friend or your enemy?

Most of the women would say fat is the worst enemy. And they are right. The fat makes you older, sicker, uglier. But, on the other hand, beauty industry made from fat the women's best friend. How? Proposing a new beauty technique to women who want to look younger, sexier.

Use your own body to regenerate

Regeneration from your own body through fat is considered the future science. Dr Coleman from New York explained at the AMWC that his technique ("Coleman technique") can improve the skin look using fats from hips or abdomen to the needed areas: wrinkles, scars, the area around the eyes etc.

This technique repairs the skin, determines a better vascularity, embellishes the skin colour, diminishes the wrinkles, the collagen level rises. In fact, the fat contains souche cells that repair the damaged tissues.  

Anti-ageing science is applied to the cosmeceutical treatment of wrinkles

Owing to its exposure to external damaging agents (UV light, pollution, smoking, temperature changing, drinking, stress), the skin ageing manifests in many ways: dryness, desquamation, loss of elasticity and texture, thinning, sagging, pigmentation, wrinkles, surface line modification.To combat age and sun related skin changes, multifaceted approach is required.

LED facial treatments:

Skin texture, wrinkle count and elasticity were remarcably improved 15 days and 45 days after LED facial treatment. Through pulse light emission the skin cells vibrate creating a rejuvenating process and a better skin tone.

CO2 therapy:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) therapy refers to the transcutaneous or subcutaneous administration of CO2. This treatment was first used in France in 1932 at the thermal station of Royal Spas and improved with the help of Italian scientists. Matteo Campana spoke at the AMWC about the therapy and its goal to obtain a reduction in the volume of adipose masses such as cellulite and stretch marks.

Hyaluronic acid, the great dermal filler:

The discovery of the use of botulinum toxin type A led to another aesthetic technique, minimally invasive: hyaluronic acid (HA). First introduced in the 90s, it has started during time to gain more and more space in the beauty industry. It has an unique ability to augment tissue volume reducing the signs of ageing. HA exista in human body especially in the skin. With time, HA in the skin decreases. This is directly linked to water content and texture of the skin that determine the first signs of ageing like wrinkles, pigmentation.

Beauty industry has a lot evolved. And you have to know what suits you best. First of all, you have to consider yourself as an unique person. Your skin is unique, your face also. And doctors keep that in mind always. After tests, inner evaluation and doctor's advice, you must choose your best anti-ageing treatment.

Editor: Andra Oprea