An Italian wind at the event around the film Pericle il Nero


Pericles works for Don Luigi, the head of a Neapolitan clan that rules the drug trafficking and prostitution networks of Liège and whitens profits through its many pizzerias. Pericles aims to punish anyone who challenges Don Luigi.

One day, during one of his missions, he kills by mistake a woman from another Neapolitan family. He signed his judgment death. Pericles refugiates in France. He met Natasha and hopes to build with her a new life. But Don Luigi betrayed him. He promised his head to the enemy clan. Pericles returns to Belgium to take revenge.

All the film crew took the pose with spirit, starting with the director Stefano Mordini, the dark Riccardo Scamarcio and Marina Fois accompanied by her husband Eric Lartigau. They were joined by the sublime Valeria Golino film's producer and member of the jury of the Festival, the famous Alain Attal producer and actor Christopher Thompson.