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An Exceptional Life! Let's Celebrate in Monaco!

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6 May 2017

Last evening, we celebrated life at Ariston Monte Carlo ! And more than this with charity in mind ! Stacy Townsend organized this cheerful event along with Raluca Sandu from the Ariston in order to help people impacted by Alzheimer with an entry ticket of 35 euros including canapés, drinks from which a €10 donation is offered to charity! Other gret helpers were Sophie Sherwin, Noriko Katayanagi-Bonafede and Jacob Bitsch. 

Grateful for an exceptional life

A winning situation when people gather, celebrate, socialize and link it all with charity. It si always important to be grateful for our lives and not forget about those in sufferings. It is important to have as a reminder that life needs to be celebrated every minute of it.

"We have an exceptional life...here in Monaco! We need to celebrate it! We are very happy with the success of our first "An Exceptional Life" charity event, in fact, so happy! With just over 75 people to support the event, and everyone laughing, connecting and simply enjoying, we couldn't be happier. The Artiston really showed up brilliantly. The food was amazing, the service perfect. The ambiance of the evening was friendly, relaxed and happy...just what we were aiming for. We raised €1235 for the Alzheimer's association in Monaco, the AMPA so are very pleased! " said Stacy Townsend. 

That was the purpose of this event - to gather, enjoy friendship and to celebrate life ... all whilst making a difference to a chosen charity (for each event, there will be a different charity).  

This was a first edition, the next one, at Castleroc, on June the 9th !