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ALTA ROMA FASHION WEEK International Couture

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5 July 2018

It was concluded with great success, over a thousand people attending the catwalk of the International Couture Fashion Show organized in Alta Roma by the Italian-Lebanese Cultural Institute, with the Patronage of the Embassy of Lebanon in Italy.

The "International Couture" show was a collective exhibition of International and Italian designers, some of them have already appeared in the Atelier di Alta Roma calendar in past editions, while others have presented their collections at the Monte-Carlo Fashion Week. The participating stylists have crossed the Mediterranean and came from Beirut, from Moscow, from Milan and from Lucca without forgetting the historical Palermo, the Royal Naples and the Imperial Rome have all arrived in Alta Roma to attend International Couture and to admire their collections in the prestigious breath-taking location of the "Ancient Rome Set" at Cinecittà. On Catwalk have seen Abed Mahfouz, Daniela Danesi, Bailiss, Silvia Nobili, Paola Filippone, Emilio Ricci, Sofia Alemani, Giusy Donini Giujoux.

In this first edition of "International Couture" the opening of the Fashion Show was carried out by the Neapolitan Fashion Designer, Daniela Danesi, a visionary instinctive fashion from which creativity and style are born, presented a collection of 15 dresses on the catwalk of International Couture entitled "Arte Sartoriale Partenopea". The sartorial art Partenopea by Daniela Danesi is freely inspired by dreams, ideas and colors of modern art, also influenced by a female imaginary of women met by chance on the street. For thirty years, an élite of women wears Daniela Danesi to stand out from the banality looking for uniqueness and class. Following, the Muscovite fashion house Bailiss, discovered by Fashion Curator, Veronica Sheynina, and after the success obtained at the recent Monte-Carlo Fashion Week, Bailiss decides to return to the European runways during the week of Alta Roma presenting on the catwalk of International Couture 15 outfits from the "Fantasie Improvvisate" collection in red, pink and light blue. Following the sumptuous dresses of Silvia Nobili, a young Italian designer of only 27 years, she presented 15 dresses on the catwalk of International Couture some items chosen from the "SogNo" collection inspired by the beautiful Rome. The Sogno collection includes clothes that recall the imposing splendor of Rome.

Silvia Nobili participated in the Fashion Academy of the RAI2 program "Dettofatto" with Caterina Balivo and Giovanni Ciacci, confirming herself as "Fashion Tutor" for the following years. Paola Filippone with her brand Paolè, she too, like Bailiss, arrives from the Monte Carlo Fashion Week to the High Rome, has chosen to participate in International Couture to show her tailor creations that recall the colors of her land, the Sicily, to enchant and upset the princely and non-realities. Paola Filippone presented 12 dresses from the collection called "Sicilia a Colori". Paola Filippone's dresses are distinguished by sartorial cuts, by color combinations and by the combination of impalpable fabrics, such as georgette, chiffon and silk satin. Paola Filippone has managed to turn her passion into a profession and an art that has as its starting point the complicated Palermo and as a destination the continents of the world. Also from Italy, the architect Sofia Alemani, after various experiences in the field of architecture and art, is dedicated to his greatest passion, to create his own line of clothes. This is how Sofia Alemani Fashion Creative was born in 2010, a young designer who presents a capsule collection of 10 clothes accented with ostrich feathers, on the International Couture catwalk, entitled "The Angels of the Earth".

The gratifications of the "Muuse & Vogue Talents" competition organized by the magazine Vogue Italia were significant for Silvia Alemani. The penultimate fashion scene was presented by the clothes of Emilio Ricci, accompanied by Giujoux, precious accessories by Giusi Donini. Emilio Ricci, presented to International Couture, 13 dresses from the A / W 2018-19 - Ecosustainable collection, entitled "My Natural Dream". After 15 years of research and experimentation, the stylist Emilio Ricci was proud to have presented garments made of natural fibers and colors that bring wellness to the body and respect the environment, thanks to the use of yarns obtained from raw materials widely present in nature and thanks to their healthy characteristics for the body. And last but not least! To conclude the splendid catwalk, the international designer Abed Mahfouz, directly from Beirut and faithful to Alta Roma for the sixteenth year, presented 34 garments from the couture collection "Soul Enchantment" A / W 2018-19.

The designer has created bold styles to meet the high expectations of women, has chosen different colors that recall nature to satisfy the dreams of the femminit.y. Donna Abed Mahfouz is a special woman who inspires, attracts and enchants.