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Alice Elia on the Red Carpet Green Dress

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30 May 2014

Alice Elia was 7 years old when she was already drawing, thirteen years later like in a dream , she finds herself in the private home of James Cameron in Hollywood watching the Oscars in 2014 and especially her creation worn by the actress / model Olga Kurylenko .

In the final year of studying fashion design and modeling in Paris , she decided to try her luck and participate in the major international competition " Red Carpet Green Dress ". It is about designing a dress that will be worn by an actress at the Oscars . Red Carpet Green Dress , created by Suzy Amis Cameron , wife of James Cameron counts among its jury several media personalities and fashion including Vivienne Westwood.

Time passes, and one day , a call from U.S. warns her that she is the lucky winner ; now she is set to start the work . After the prototype of the dress, came two fittings in Paris with actress Olga Kurylenko ( who will wear her dress ) and two in Los Angeles. Upon her arrival in Hollywood , she finds herself at a party to celebrate the 5th anniversary of this association and pose on a red carpet alongside Cameron , Amber Valletta and Naomie Harris.

The day of the Oscars , she was invited to the property of James Cameron to watch the evening and finds herself surrounded by souvenirs objects from the film Titanic, James Cameron 's Oscar and watches live the red carpet and her creation. Slightly surreal situations ...

A few days after her return to France , she received a private design proposal from an English woman; she is also contacted to show at the Hotel de Paris in Monaco her last collection for the Television festival, unfortunately for this year, this is impossible , the timing is too short.

Since the proposals and tributaries contacts, Alice meets a team of journalists who came from the United States for a documentary , it is created by a professor at a university film and will be presented at various film festivals in the United States and then on television.

When asked Alice what people have marked her career, she answers :

Mr. Elie Saab she met in her Haute Couture workshop in Beirut during an internship and former Director and Styling Professor Jean Flahaut who helped her develop her passion for fashion buried in it, and love the style.

And the future?

She finishes her studies and her collection for the jury at the end of the year, then goes to Beirut for a television interview in Beirut and gathers all the sketches for future collection ... a website will soon emerge.

Johan Yvon