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29 December 2011


Ten years ago, Brigitte de Gastines-Cachart, then chairman director general of the society SVP, and Eric Cachart, TV journalist, created Adrien's Chalet, in Verbier in Swiss Alps, by transforming a three-star hotel into a prestigious establishment Intermediaries and Castles five stars. Coiled in the middle of an idyllic station, Adrien's Chalet is a place dedicated to relaxation and to ease which conjugates instants of discovery, thanks to the sumptuous frame which edges the hotel, and instants of pleasure made possible with the whole Spa.

A diversity of services for the pleasure of every guest:

The Spa is conceived as a succesion of privatory areas for one or two persons. Living room of massage, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna or else jacuzzi are at disposition of the customers and bring them consolation and relaxation. The face and body care is exclusively accomplished with Hormeta products. The Spa of the Chalet guarantees care that rhymes with pleasure, effectiveness and ease, by respecting the following criteria:

· The monitoring: The expertise of a team of professionals devoted to the ease of every guest, in the best conditions of hygiene and comfort,

An unaccustomed and relaxing ambience which constitutes an inevitable adjuvant for the success of the stay.

· The personalized care: The establishment of a beauty diagnosis (face, body and style of life),

The consideration of tastes of every guest in terms of texture of products, habits of care and wait …

· adaptation: A flexible organization which takes into account the way of life of every customer

(planning coherent care, kits, diagnosis),

       Care à la carte length of which is adjustable according to the liquid assets of each.

Novelty - a care fond of good food:

In partnership with the line of products Hormeta, Swiss specialist of the good – to be and beauty, Adrien's Chalet worked out original and exclusive care of the body based on chocolate and of muesli.

- Rubbing-out in Muesli - 45min - 120 SF (98 €)

- Rubbing-out in Muesli and Massage in Chocolate - 120min – 250 SF (204 €)

- Massage in Chocolate - 55min - 155 SF (127 €)

 Some care:

Spa Body: "Must" of the Chalet

Care " Weight Plucks " 120 mn - 270 SFRS (220 €)

- Rubbing-out Envelopment Hydrotherapy or Massage

- Drainage, tonic effect

- To find or keep a slender silhouette while being delighted

Care " Silky skin " 90 mn - 215 SFRS (175 €)

- Rubbing-out envelopment

- Soothing down, moisturizing, slicking effect

- Soothe down the body to acquire a silk skin

Rubbing-out of the Body 45 mn - 120 SFRS (98 €)

- Hydroxide, softens the skin

Care " Light Legs " 60 mn - 195 SFRS (160 €)

- Rubbing-out Hydrotherapy or Massage Cryothérapie

- Moisturizing effect, nourissant

- At the same time invigorating and tonic for tonic legs

Care " Jet Lag " 60 mn - 160 SFRS (130 €)

- Muck heating auto Massage of the back

- Slacken the nervous and muscular tensions of the back for an optimum recovery of long trips

Spa Face: Care on - measure

Bet in beauty 30 mn - 110 SFRS (90 €)

Care " Pure Air " 60 mn - 180 SFRS (147 €)

- Clarify, unify and illuminate complexion

Care "Down jacket " 60 mn - 195 SFRS (160 €)

- Hydroxide, restores the equilibrium of the skin 

Care " Good Mine " 60 mn - 180 SFRS (147 €)

- Decongest, soothe down, to find a bright complexion 

Care "rich man Alpage 90" mn - 195 SFRS (160 €)

- Regenerate, repair and bring freshness 

Care "Youth " 90 mn - 195 SFRS (160 €)

- Invigorate, smooth down, restructure the outline of the face

Care "Marmotte " 90 mn - 215 SFRS (175 €)

- Give in the back warmth and relaxation and slick traits of the face 

Care " In The Masculine " 60 mn - 175 SFRS (143 €)

- Clean the skin of the face, relaxation by a massage of the nape 

and from shoulders to eliminate the traces of stress

 Care "Velvet " 30 mn - 89 SFRS (73 €)

- To keep an outline of the smooth and bright eyes

Keep form to brave lanes

The room of Fitness is one of the new things of the hotel. Put at the disposition of every guest and equipped with a lot of apparatuses for the financial year, this new room devoted to the putting back into shape comes to be added to the range of Chalet care and gives an additional possiblity of getting back into shape.

Swim in happiness

Summer as winter, the possibility of using beneficial effects from water comes to improve performance of the Spa hotel. A heated swimming pool is at the disposal of customers trying to relax by using an impregnable view on the snow-covered mountains. This prodigious feeling to go of the swimming pool to the snowy summits dominates emotions of the Spa.


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