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Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine on the French Riviera & Monaco

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It's not only about fashion, it's about style, stories, inspiration, mood ...

Stylezza represents a vision of style. Events, news, fashion, beauty, art, photography, shopping - Stylezza has everything you need to know ! It is the perfect gate to discover amazing stories, your style, your trends, your favorite brands.

Being located on the French Riviera / Monaco, Stylezza covers the most important events and news from the area. It behaves like a connecting point between French Riviera / Monaco and the world. It helps international brands gain visibility in this beautiful area, creates awareness through top luxury events.

The Editor-in-Chief & Founder, Andra Oprea, loves art and the fashion mostly for its artistic corner. Therefore, you will only find quality news vs quantity on Stylezza. Here you”ll get the most fine news from fashion, art, lifestyle & shopping. Let us guide you and create the mood for you!

Andra Oprea is a professional journalist, licensed in Journalism and Communication Sciences, with an experience of more than 10 years in written press, television, digital and photography. 



175 Rue de France, Nice, French Riviera 

Contact: office @ stylezza.com

"An invitation to stories, style and lifestyle under the Mediterranean breeze, realm filled with inspiration ... ENJOY!" - Andra Oprea