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A woman that inspires me

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17 September 2013

Hard to find inspiration nowadays ? Don't think so! Hard to find inspiring people, men and women alike, though! So rare!

Still, the woman that inspires me exists. She is the type of woman that loves life and fears nothing, has a passion for finding her own path and fights every battle on her own. The inspiring woman for me has no prejudices, loves people and takes every human being as it is - nu judging, no gossiping, no envies. People in her vision are as they are and need to be taken this way. Like her relationships with men. She doesn't hate men, she considers them a part of her enriching life.

The woman who inspires me knows perfectly how to love - not always who to love. But when loving she knows she has to offer more than receiving. I love the woman who gives her affection without considering something in return - this is the proof of a great spirit! I like the woman who fights for her love and her right to be loved, who lets herself be discovered with honesty even from the very first instant. This inspiring woman knows from the first meeting when love has settled in her heart and when not. And for love, she fights till the last drop. Sometimes in vain, sometimes not - this is not depending on her anymore. She knows that in life some people will love her, some people won't. But, in the end, is not something related to her, but to everybody's way of expressing their feelings.

The woman who inspires me always searches for herself, lives in loneliness more than in groups - just to let her inner voice speak to her more clearly. But in society, she is fearless, she takes chances, she involves. The woman that inspires me thinks more than she speaks and has a subtle finesse that only a few people have. It is said - many people know things, few people actually understand them.

The woman who inspires me is sincere with herself and others in any circumstances. She is free spirited, she does everything with a childish passion and has no regrets. She lives every moment and tries to inspire people only through her enthusiasm. Oh, yes, she has a lot of enthusiasm! And enthusiasm is a sign of a genius!

A woman who inspires me has always a ladylike value but is never afraid of using words like s..it or f..ck! Is her way of showing all her sides of her personality that has nothing to do with values but with freedom.

And as cliché as it may seem, a woman that influences others in a good way just by being herself, is a woman with a strong inner power and energy, a woman that can be the muse for herself and for others! That's the kind of woman I like !

Editor Andra Oprea