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A touch of Greece for Chanel Cruise 2018

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5 May 2017

We've seen the Cuban vibes for Chanel and now it was time for something else maitaining the same exotism. So, Greece came as natural for a Mediterranean mood and a collection to make you feel the wanderlust.

The Chanel Cruise show marked the beginning of the Cruise season, marking its sixth collection on the Parisian land. So, Paris found its Greek mood through Karl Lagerfeld's vision.

"It had nothing to do with a country. Reality is of no interest to me. I use what I like. My Greece is an idea," the designer said. "I see Greece as the origin of beauty and culture, where there was a wonderful freedom of movement that has since vanished," he continued.

The fashion show called "The Modernity of Antiquity" is an invitation to a dreamland of goddesses and fantasies. Oriental influences and modern jewellery were there to exuberate the collection. Tweed tunics, pleated skirts and knits embellished with jeweled hair clips, amphora-shaped earrings and gold laurel leaves sunglasses were there to make a statement.

The soft ambiance took us in a palette of fluid colors like summery white to pale pastels, mineralt tones and earthly vibes. The terra cota tone was on a knit column dress just like a Greek silhouette along with the crepe toga dresses, corset belts, the draped jersey nymph gowns, pleated palazzo pants and ample tweed coats that create that fluid and ease mood. 

From luxury to street vibes, Karl Lagerfeld tried to capture it all. He kept the urban move with a gold leather sweatshirt and shorts accessorized with bracelets. Also, the bodycon dresses to wear daily. 

"The criteria of beauty in ancient, then classical, Greece still holds true. There have never been more beautiful representations of women. Or more beautiful columns. The entire Renaissance, in fact, was based on Antiquity. It is really about the youth of the world in all its power and unpredictability - just like the unforgiving gods," Karl Lagerfeld said, cited by WWD. 

The collection keeps close to Gabrielle Chanel's attachments to Greek values. She had in her appartment a Venus statue as a symbol of beauty and aesthetics. Karl Lagerfeld also has a passion for Greece. He had a photo exhibition called "the Voyage of Ulysse".

"I'm expressing through fashion a fascination I've had since childhood. The first book I read was Homer," said Lagerfeld.

The collection has all these inspiration elements definitely inviting to journeys and Greek lands.

Editor Andra Oprea