• Credit image : Hors d'Oeuvre of Monica Menez (Best Art Direction ASVOFF 2012) 

  • Film credit : 'Do Not Disturb' by Ellen Von Unwerth



  • Thievery Corporation of Julien Carlier and Joana Figueira 


Credit image : Hors d'Oeuvre of Monica Menez (Best Art Direction ASVOFF 2012) 

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A shaded view on Fashion Film at Cannes

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17 May 2013

Stimulated by the means of broadcasting which give to the new media, the fashion professionals the opportunity to go into the film to stage their world. A new genre has come alive, fashion film, reminding of the place where the fashion in the field of the photography allowed itself. Within the 6 editions, ASVOFF became, in the international ladder, a window favoured for this format.

To be in Cannes for ASVOFF, it is to register its contents in the middle of the cinema industry to sensitise its talents and all the professionals for the future opportunities there created by the fashion film: an innovative inspirational type by the freshness and creativity, from new sources of writing productions, markets for the comedians and actresses, in alternative forms of broadcasting...


A selection of short fashion films implicating film directors and photographers such as Mike Figgis, Ellen VonUnwerth, Bettina Rheims or even Bryan Adam, but also muses at the crossroads of fashion and of cinema: TildaSwinton, Rossy de Palma or Danny Trejo. 

The Pageant de Drew Cox (for Chelsea Goldman) - 5:28

Runaway of Diego Postigo (for Davidelfin) with Rossy de Palma - 12:00

Hello Rory de Alice Hawkins and Dan Canyon (for Agent provocateur) - 4:59

The Morning After de Jessica Hudley (for Grey Ant) - 2:38

Tilda Swinton by Glen Luchford (for Dazed Digital) - 4:00

Visiting Hour de Marie Schuller (for SHOWSTUDIO) - 4:00

(ASVOFF Best sound design 2012) A Girl As Others of Simon Cahn (for Jealous woman) - 2:25

Despair of Alex Prager - 4:00

(BEST ART DIRECTION ASVOFF 2010) The Most Part of You de Jason Last and Jaime Rubiano - 2:21

The Ever Changing Face of Beauty de Solve Sundsbo - 4:12

Headpieces for Peace de Jessica Mitrani - 4:59

(ASVOFF GRAND PRIX 2012) The Doll de Kourtney Roy - 1:19

Do Not Disturb de Ellen Von Unwerth - 4:315 Minutes of Tina Winkhaus - 2:55

Onions Donation t Make Me Cry de Bryan Adams with Danny Trejo - 1:27

(Best Actor Prize ASVOFF 2011) Drew (Cut one) of Stuart Shining and Vincent Gagliostro - 00:39

I Want Muscle of Elisha Smith-Leverock - 2:53 (ASVOFF GRAND PRIX 2011) The Latest fashion of Erwin Olaf - 3 'to 39 ram (Women) of Christian Eaglecastle - 8:48

Hors of Work of Monica Menez - 4:38 (ASVOFF BEST ART DIRECTION 2010) The Four Dreams of miss X de Mike Figgis - 6:50

Candy Pratts / Puts studies Ball de Mike Figgis The Gender of Bettina Rheims (for Candy Magazine) - 7:19

La Mujer de Negro by Juan Carlos Martin - 5:09 


This unpublished happening for ASVOFF institutes a dialogue between the world of song and film accomplished by Joana Preiss: LandsClose to Paterson (on 2012, 35 min), made in short video on the streets of New York when she introduced Siberia  (today in no-claims bonus of the dvd of this film). 



Founded in the sixties by Francesco Peroni, Peroni NastroAzzurro is the symbol of Italian art de vivre represented by the mythical years  of DolceVita. Its passion of style, attention to every detail such as the defenders of the "Made In Italy" say it, bring it to its closely collaboration with the fashion industry by accompanying the powerful moments of fashion weeks (shows and aftershows of StellaMcCartney, Kenzo, Damir Doma, Manish Arora), in collaborantion or supporting designers (M.A.D.E. New York, AntonioBerardi). 


The projection of the short filmThievery Corporation of Julien Carlier and Joana Figuera with Priscilla de LaForcade, one invites suprise and many others...

More information on: http://www.ashadedviewonfashionfilm.com/