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A Hidded Vegetable Garden on the Most Beautiful Roof In Paris

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6 September 2017

Who said that the Champs Elysées was a vast concreted avenue where all the tourists come only to take their picture with the Arc de Triomphe?

Think again ! Recently, this Parisian center has become the playground of Andreas Møller, leader of the new nordic food.

From the first floor of the House of Denmark, the young Danish Chef offers daily, in the gastronomic restaurant Le Copenhagen, an evolving cuisine according to seasons and inspirations. When he was still on the his country of origin, Andreas went every day to the surrounding countryside in order to recharge his batteries while nourishing his imagination for the creation of new dishes.

The Chef wished to recreate this verdant setting near his restaurant by installing his vegetable garden on the roofs of the in order to reproduce this escape which is dear to him, but also to obtain rare products, such as the flower of radish, or the flower of rocket, today still very little used in French gastronomy.

In this Garden of Wonders there are more than fifty varieties of flowers and herbs, but also cabbages, salads, and even of the sunflowers that Andrea Møller exploits in its entirety, from seed to leaf.

More than a mere escape, the vegetable garden is for the Chef a true cooking philosophy, and a real source of inspiration. Every morning, he takes a walk in search of innovative ideas for the dishes he proposes à la carte in his restaurant. Thus, this amuse-bouche, where the radishes and the carrots are married to the flowers of nasturtium, or this soup of flowers that mingle among a large bouquet, flowers of radishes, flowers of rocket, and oxalys.

Far from limiting himself here, Andreas Møller wants to enlarge his garden by playing on the available spaces  only to go green. Wild berries running on the wall, new varieties of herbs and vegetables, but also flowers that will compose the bouquets coming to decorate the table where the gourmets will discover the surprising dishes of the Chef.