A Cracking Selection Of Egg-cellent Easter Lush Products


5 March 2012

Instead of giving family and friends over-packaged, calorific chocolate eggs this year, treat them to a tasty selection of Lush's new bath and body products especially for Easter - Much kinder to the waistline and the environment, as Lush ballistics, bubble bars and massage bars are solid which means they are preservative and packaging free. Some fantastic new inventions this year mean more egg-cellent fun at bath time and some cute seasonal Knot Wrap scarves to wrap all your goodies in.


The Carrot re-usable bubble bar (£4.95):
Something that all Easter bunnies will enjoy, hold the top of these reusable bubble bar carrots and swish them around the bathtub to create masses of skin softening bubbles. You can then leave them on the side of the tub to dry and re-use another time. The fragrance smells nothing like carrots, as we've used lots of fruity oils like buchu, lemon and bergamot to really make your mouth water. There is a little bit of nutritious carrot oil in there though, which is rich in vitamins and an extraordinary skin soother and rejuvenator.

New Invention:

The Immaculate Eggception (£7.00):
One of Lush's innovative double-layered bath ballistics, this one is a hollow egg that you can shake and hear a surprise rattling inside. Crack open the bubble bar and ballistic mix eggshell to reveal either a mini chick or bunny ballistic inside! You can then either throw it all into the bathtub (or use for 3 separate baths) and enjoy a vanilla absolute, ylang ylang and grapefruit scented soak. There are two colours to choose from, the yellow egg with green decoration contains the bunny; while the pink egg with yellow or blue decoration contains the chick. They both make for a cracking great bath!

Lush Favorites:

Fluffy Egg bath ballistic (£2.95):
For those who still want their candy fix, try this sweetie scented pink egg adorned with a candy flowers.  It's like bathing in a bubbling mass of marshmallow, candy floss and jelly bean scented water - you'll get your sugar fix without anything passing your lips!

Gift Ideas:

Chick Knot Wrap (£2.95):
Introducing a new friend for the Bunny Knot Wrap this year, use this scarf to wrap some seasonal Lush goodies to create the adorable little chick character. Perfect for wrapping the larger Bath Ballistic Eggs, it makes for a lovely alternative gift this Easter. 

Hoppy Easter (£10.95):
A hopping success last year, he's back but bigger and full of gorgeous Easter goodies. We've wrapped up our brand new invention, The Carrot re-usable bubble bar, as everyone knows that bunnies love carrots; along with the old favourite, Fluffy Egg bath ballistic, for a sweetie scented bath-time treat. By choosing the Lush Knot Wrap gift ideas, instead of traditional gift-wrap, you are helping us save 11.6 tonnes of waste per year.  Especially relevant at times like Easter when excess packaging is so prevalent.