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A complete window to glamour, chic & sexy pret-a-porter

fashion & stylestyle tips

13 December 2011


Inspired by a woman for the women, Glamuse, it is FINALLY a full window of glamour, smart and sexy pret-a-porter without being vulgar. The catalogue goes of the earmuffs to the sexy court shoes, nylons down in chic accesories, evening dresses in basques in burlesque manner - there is the choice and especially quality.

Glamuse liked to unite in one and the same address a full palette of glamours and original products to improve the day or evening outfits. The site is dedicated to the modern woman with an original and full line of clothes and quality accesories (underwear, dresses, footwear, jewellery) to be bedecked up and down in 24 h stopwatch. (The site treats and sends orders the same day for a delivery the following day).

Glamuse proposes a full line of feminine glamour bottoms, products made for a sublimated silhouette:

- fine and sexy underwear of the nicest French and international marks, with one of the most wide ranges of true nylons existing on the net.

- dresses emphasizing feminine charms without revealing everything 

- bright footwear 

- accesories to prettify the outfits (bags, jewellery, gloves, perfume).

Rosy, Cervin, By Zoe, Brothel, Fornarina, French Connection, big sexy marks chic is on