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A beauty routine with Shape Memorising Cell Technology and marine infusion against Inflammaging

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15 September 2014

Searching for a magic potion to stay healthy and look young?  Have you sniffed and tried all around from plants to top creams to find your real one remedy for your skin and body?

A wonder cream does not exist, that`s for sure, but great ones are not rare to find. And my hand was on two brands I have tested:  Shiseido with the Ibuki Refining Moisturizer Enriched cream and Phytomer Restorative Shield Cream. For the night, I used Skin Absolute from Filorga.


Beauty test and ritual: how I made it?

Because I have two great creams at hand for the day care and one for the night, I tried to see the subtle difference between them, and what each one can bring to my skin. So, every morning, on a clean face and neck, I applied Phytomer on one half of the face and Ibuki on the other one. Sensational how different they can be and the effect they have on the skin!

Phytomer is more fluid, walks more on the skin with small steps and covering all around. Entering a marine universe as the cream states it, I could feel a cooling sensation on the epidermis. The feeling lasts longer and the comfort area seems to walk with me the entire day. It does not penetrate instantly the skin but it maintains a protection filter that is like a skin shield.

On the other cheek, Ibuki enters very quickly into the skin and enlights it in a few seconds. The skin is softer and smoother in a few instants. The effect is immediate. The cream is more unctuous, not that fluid but the dryness is reduced immediately and the visible pores and blemishes marks disappear.

Let me present you a bit the creams so you get to know them better.

The inflammaging of the skin

Phytomer brings a new topic on the blackboard. The inflammaging of the skin is a concept rarely discussed but very often found on many women`s skins that is caused by many internal problems that start with your nutrition and daily food. And, also, with your lifestyle. And this interior effect can be seen on your skin. Your skin gets older quicklier as the collagen and elastine levels become poorer and poorer.


Phytomer brings this high-tech marine infusion to penetrate the epidermis and give it a total comfort, restoring the shield at the surface. Phytomer is for those sensible skins that need reinforcement. What the cream brings forth is the Glycosea, a component that mixes marine oligo-elements with minerals and plankton sugars. It creates the barrier to make the skin more resistant to external factors and also to the inflammation agents. Also, for a lipid-replenishing effect, the cream consists also of ceramides, shea butter and vegetable oils.

The sensation after using it is the soothing of the skin and an all-day-long comfort. The skin becomes softer, the texture is more uniform and has much more strength.


The breathing of the skin based on Shape Memorising Cell Technology

Shiseido range Ibuki is a set of creams that every woman between 20 and 45 must have. It uses the advanced PhytoResist Complex based on the Shape Memorising Cell Technology that helps naturally moisture, refine the skin`s texture and boost its strength.  Most of all, the cream uses the Japanese technology that is strict and focused on each ingredient and effect.


Ibuki means in Japanese `Breathe` so the idea of this cream is to make the stressed skins breath again. For those who are trying to find a cream to fill the gap between the age of the acne and the age of the wrinkles, Ibuki Refining Moisturizer can do the work just great.

The sensation after trying it is smoothness, enlightment of the skin, uniform texture.


The importance of the night skin care: seaweeds, hyalurocin acide, peptides and vitamin C

For the night skin care, Filorga Laboratoires created Skin Absolute which I tested! What a great sensation to the skin and neck that needs to fight against age. Behind its glamorous design and packaging, the cream is ingenious by its color. It is black as the night so we can better associate it with the night care.

I apply it every evening before going to bed after perfectly cleaning the skin with a circular massage for a better effect. It is very important that the skin is very clean and I often use micellar water to do it. Also, aloe vera, a very important natural skin care element that you should use more often.

Skin Absolute uses meteorite extract and brown seaweeds that reactivate the pro-youth genes, hyaluronic acide and peptide that stimulate the synthesis of support fibers and vitamin C as a skin booster.


Indeed, in the morning, the skin is fresher, more uniform and radiant. And this, only after two weeks of using it!

Anti-ageing: using the right creams and having a healthy nutrition

As we see, the importance of staying healthy and looking young is based also on the ingredients that we bring from exterior to our bodies: nutrition and external care (here, the skin care).


My tips for a beauty daily routine:

Morning Smoothie

Every morning I start the day with a gratitude attitude and embrace the sun like a yoga stretching to the sky trying to greet it and bring its own energy to me. Every morning I prepare my all organic smoothies (do not be fooled by the fact that you are eating fruits and vegetable if they are GMOs or with pesticides; try the bio that is certified and proved). In every smoothie I combine fruits and vegetables like: pears, bananas, apples, strawberries (all the fruits) with spinach, cucumber, celery, carrots etc with nuts, almonds, oat. Make it as nutritive as possible so you can boost your day in a natural way.

Yoga exercise and relaxation

Everyday you must exercise to stay fit and have a physical and mental tonus. Try yoga as a lifestyle and travel a lot. Every new place gives a strong positive energy that fills you and makes you look younger.

So, combine a healthy daily lifestyle with a beauty routine based on properly chosen creams and skin care treatments! On what you are focusing your energy is there that will grow. So, if you focus on healthy eating and correct skin care, you should have great results in so little time.

Editor Andra Oprea

Photos credit Stylezza.com