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7 Slot Machine Cheats


Throughout the history of slot machines, there have been those who have tried to cheat their way to some small fortunes. Early slots could in fact be tampered with and even releasing the lever gradually, could influence the results of a reel spin. As slot machines became more sophisticated, so did the ways the public invented to guarantee themselves a win. This involved tampering with the inner workings of the machines or even inserting specially made devices into the slot that would produce winning spins. Now that slots have become digital, it is near impossible to fix them. However, here are 7 slot cheats that have actually been attempted. 

1.Rigging The Codes 

Ronald Dale Harris was entrusted by the Nevada Gaming Commission with the smooth running of the slot games in certain casinos. He used his knowledge of the codes used in slots to generate spins and even tampered with the microchips themselves. He cheated slots for years until a $100,000 win aroused suspicion and ended his winning streak in 1998. 

2.Faking It 

One guaranteed way of never losing at slots is to not play with your own cash or even real cash for that matter. Con artist Louis Colavecchio cheated casinos for years by playing with fake coins. His game was up when he was arrested in 1998. A police investigation uncovered his intricate cheating method and the entire scam landed him a prison sentence. When he was released in 2006 he returned to scamming casinos with his fake coin trick, but this once again ended with his arrest. 

3. A Close Shave 

We have had fake coins, so how about shaved coins?  Slot machines began to register payments with light sensors, many machine's optic sensors were left to work separately, from these new light sensors. Therefore, if a shaved coin was inserted at the same time with an object mimicking a coin, the coin would be returned but the object would trigger the slot to play. 

4. Coins With strings Attached 

It may seem ludicrous today, but before the modern slot came into being, people actually tied string to coins. They would then place the coin in the slot and play for free by pulling the coin out, once gameplay began. 

5.The Magnet Trick 

Magnets were once a popular cheat on the old style slot machines. This trick was ended by the digitalization of slots. However, early slot machines were highly susceptible to this form of cheating and powerful magnets were used to influence favourable symbol drops on the reels. 

6. Tommy Glen Carmichael 

Carmichael is not the name of a cheating method it is however the name of the most notorious casino cheat ever. His techniques included the Monkey Paw and the Light Wand that would confuse the sensors in the slots leading to large payouts. 

7. Piano Wire 

Another ludicrous trick that was once attempted was to insert 20-inch piano wire into slot machines in an attempt to jam the clock that measured wheel rotations, thus manipulating the spins. This scam worked to the tune of $50,000.