10 reasons to hit Amber Lounge in 2016

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29 February 2016

Time is ticking away and that time of the year comes again ... the sound of the super fast cars racing on Formula 1 gathers around glamorous Monaco the best pilots and celebrities. More than that, they can be found under one big roof: Amber Lounge. The 2016 edition promises to be amazing! 
Amber Lounge, the world renowned Day & Night F1 party will again make the 2016 Grand Prix season unforgettable with 4 events, with the first one in the crown jewel of F1, Monte Carlo.
What will be the thrills? Well, it has it all: fashion, charity auction, gourmet dining and clubbing under one roof, Amber Lounge is the pinnacle of the F1 weekend.

The view and the interaction with the Grand Prix right from the luxury yachts to non-stop after-parties with A-list stars only, these are among the top 10 reasons why you should enter the Amber Lounge world.

1. Formula One Drivers are converting to modelling for the sake of charity

F1 is not only about speed, Amber Lounge is the only place in the world where F1 drivers swap their racesuits for designer wear in aid of charity whilst celebrities watch them clousely how they manage not the heels but the pressure of the catwalk.

2. Hollywood actors and supermodels!

Amber Lounge hosts the A-listers: Bono, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton, David Beckham, HRH PrinceHarry of Wales, Justin Bieber, Heidi Klum, Kim Kardashian and many more.

3. Five-star service

Immerse yourself in a 360˚, upper-echelon experience where everything can be personilzed just to suit your needs!

4. International artists & DJs

The beat, the lights, the music under the world-famous acts like Jason Derulo, John Martin, Craig Davidand John Newman; Amber Lounge is the word for the entertainment right in the heart of Monaco.

5. Free-flowing champagne

Cristal, Dom Perignon, Krug are just a few bubbling names : Amber Lounge keeps the champagne ice cold and unlimited.

6. World-class Visual Effects

A visual design team who provide visuals for the likes of Kygo, Dash Berlin etc fly to ever Amber Lounge toenthral the audience with state of the art visuals.

7. Beautiful girls!

Beautiful girls are under one roof for F1. At Amber Lounge, beautiful girls sparkle more than the champagne bubbles 

8. Secret world!

Amber Lounge gives you access to the playground of the rich and famous and have a taste and view of how it looks.

9. Charity

Known for its philanthropic passion for charities, Amber Lounge raises funds each year for various causes including: Checo Perez Foundation, Special Olympics, Elton John AIDS Foundation, and Nelson Mandela Children's Fund.

10. Trackside race viewing

Only a few priviledged ones can experience the glamour side of the F1 race right on the board of the Amber Lounge yachts in Monaco and Abu Dhabi.

There is a great portofolio that Amber Lounge proposes for optimal view of the race and of the ambiance.  

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