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10 Best and Worst Dressed List for 2011 Released by Roger Stone

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3 January 2012


For nearly 50 years Mr. Blackwell of Hollywood ( sat as an arbiter of fashion by publishing a yearly list of the 10 Best and Worst Dressed People in the Demi-monde. Although best known for his "Worst Dressed", he maintained a successful career as a fashion journalist. Richard Blackwell was a powerful syndicated columnist who wrote features in newspapers and lifestyle magazines. His list was eagerly awaited every year.

Matrons and starlets, stockbrokers and models, politicians and prizefighters all jockeyed to be included. Blackwell's critiques could be cutting. Being included in Mr. Blackwell's Best Dressed list could quickly improve one's social standing in New York, Miami or Hollywood while being included in his worst dressed list could doom one to social Siberia.

Although Mr. Blackwell has gone on to his maker, Roger Stone at the STONEzone revived this hallowed tradition four years ago. He has vigilantly watched the world of entertainment, sports, politics, academia, art and fashion last year to determine who has style...and who truly doesn't.

Therefore the STONEzone proudly presents its FIFTH ANNUAL 10 BEST AND WORST DRESSED LIST for your consideration. This year Best men's list include Joseph Gordon Leavitt, Ex-President Bill Clinton, CNBC's Larry Kudlow, Dave Beckham, Washington Power Lawyer Jacob Stein, NBC Dateline Reporter Josh Mankiewicz, Rolling Stone's drummer Charlie Wattsamong others while Michael Moore, Jesse Ventura and US Senator Chuck Schumer are among the worst. Natalie Portman,Sofia Vergara, Emma Watson, Pippa Middleton and Carla Bruni and others top the list while Snookie Polizzi and Christina Aguilera hit rock bottom.

Who else is on the list?
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