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Vivienne Westwood show at London Fashion Week

fashion & styletrends

10 January

The last show of the four days of London Fashion Week ended with Vivienne Westwood show. A collection of mixes! Although, as much as we like Vivienne Westwood (especially when fighting global powers that suffocate the world), we can't say we are conquered by this mix trend: women wearing trousers (sometimes the androgynous style is great) and men wearing skirts (if we move to the Arabian countries to cover from the dust) .

Ragged patchwork, paper crowns, pill packs, layers, knits - all kinds of mixed elements that reminds us of recycling but created with a certain finesse.

"We're a high fashion company - a happy company. It's rather artisan," was one of the fashion show's descriptions. 

The collection Vivienne Westwood for Fall 2017 is a vivid one that unites all genders into one global mix. Tailoring remains the main art for the designer and the patching is playing with creativity. We can see a plaid suit worn with cropped trousers, tunic tops, gold fabric evening dresses worn by both men and women. 

"For at least 100 years women have been wearing trousers, but now like the Arabs, men are wearing dresses," said Westwood.

Therefore, we have influences that come from all over the globe into one genderless collection. We prefer, though, that golden dress to be seen on women and not men! 

Editor Andra Oprea