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The must have trends for nail polishes

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25 April 2013

These last years, the nail polishes has represented a commercial stake for the brands that became more and more interested in the market. While the turnover diminishes on some product lines, sales of nail polish literally blew up. In reply to requests of the consumers, the brands compete in creativity and boldness, as some with more than 100 colours and 4 - 6 annual line renewals.

Luxury brands are the firts ones to impose their products on the market as an extension for the beauty accessories. The best example is that of the "Black Red" of Chanel which had caused a true revolution in the nineties. By 2009, appeared more and more models carrying some varnish during catwalks. Great success was also for "Greige" or non-colour. Creativity indeed seems not to find any limits in the field: pastel, fluorescent, pailletté, metallic, the brands know how to surprise their consumers. The classical red would be almost lined up at the rank of ancient monument...

The boom on the market of nail polishes

According to the site, the turnover generated in USA by nail polishes represented in 2012 the sum of 768 million euros, that is an increase of 11 % in comparison with 2011. According to an opinion poll, 33 % of women have not less than 25 varnishes at home. Everywhere in the world, the growth of this decorative category of beauty products records itself in 2 figures, Latin America at the head with 30 % of growth; the worldwide growth it is estimated at an average of 25 % (Kline source). The growth of the OPI brand is the most dazzling of its category with almost 20 %.

The unfailing varnish: the gel

From a technical point of view, the nail polish is one of the the most complicated products in manufacture. The varnish must cover in an uniform way, should not be too thick. So that the varnish does not dry in the bottle, this one must be perfectly hermetic. Similarly the liquids composing the varnish must not separate, so that the varnish keeps its colour and especially its consistency. And especially, the duration on the nails makes its proof: who has not ever felt frustration after a long instant of application, to see the varnish flaking away next day? The varnish does not have this practical side of the lipstick... The varnish is rather restrictive in itself: it takes time in the application.

In parallel to the gel nailswhich is often found insalons, a true innovation made its appearance: the varnish gel. It unites the flawless finish of a professional manicurist in the colour of a standart varnish. Before application the surface of the nail is filed, they affix the frost which will then be dried under lamp UV. In salon, this type of manicurist takes more time than a classical pose of varnish, but result lasts much more: about 14 days for gel varnishes. In USA, they are 87 % to have already skipped the step by leaving the nails under UV! According to Kline, the market of gel varnishes attained a 30 % growth in 2012.

This democratisation is recent, because these products were reserved for a long time for manicurist's salons, but the brands also grab this niche by offering gel kits for home applications. The Do-it-yourself offers a more economic alternative. 

Colour: in your mix!

In spite of all perfected colours, and they are extremely numerous, it is also possible to have a colour in mind that they find it difficult to find in shop. A Swiss society seized the problem with its colour mixer. The product is about to be be laucnhed for the professionals and for the consumers.This way, it is possible to order the mixture yourself, or desired colour is scanned with its smartphone and the apparatus reproduces it itself. This apparatus seems to be the promise of many nailistas to fill up all their desires, getting privilege so to have an unique colour.

The nail varnish: infinite declinable trend?

Cosmetic history shows it, last century that women did not resist the purchase of a lipstick, even in times of recession. This place was progressively replaced with the nail varnish: a colour was vitaminised, and a keeping can suddenly take another turn! So, the madness of the varnish is far from stopping, supported by the creativity of the brands to offer variants and colours which will become in turn a must-have. 

Source text and photo: beautypress