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She’s got the Look! Fashion Week Beauty Looks


21 February 2017

What are the most beautiful makeup trends for the spring / summer season? We'll see the strongest here!

 Blur the look

This summer, women can finally stop watching their line! But before throwing all your diet projects into the sea, it will nevertheless be necessary to specify that the line of which we speak here concerns the makeup of the eyes: the precise eyeliner traits, it is of the past. In this springtime we can dare something more wild: to create this effect yourself, simply apply a black eyeliner around the eye and blur the stroke with a cotton swab. And hop, it's done!

 Red lips

Adam Kelman, Chanel, Kenzo and Topshop Unique have seen red: from subtle accents to intense light, lipstick has left its mark everywhere on the catwalk. No doubts, the red lips are always elegant and sexy. But the color of the stop signs did not slow down the cheeks and eyes. Kenzo therefore let his models parade like modern geishas, ​​their lips, cheeks and eyes shining in chorus in the color of love. 

Back to the 80's

Nina Ricci and Marc Jacobs return to the century when fashion has raised and still raises controversial discussions. The 80s are known for their fashion but also for their century. While Nina Ricci is inspired by the photographs of Bruce Weber (who collaborated with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Versace and Dior Homme in the 1980s), Marc Jacobs revives the 80s rave culture: colorful eye shadow, textures and shiny metallic dreadlocks highlight the parade. This choice is definitely not an everyday look, but those who want to get out of the ranks can use colored sprays for a light rainbow effect in the hair.

 On the head

This summer, we are going to witness the spectacular return of a hairstyle that unfortunately fell into oblivion: although hairstyles trends are turning lately to natural hair, some hair mats and haircuts have made sensation on the catwalks. Whether long romantic braids like Valentino, a cup attached to the missed boy like Dior or retro style braids at La Simone Rocha or Kenzo, the 80s will be worn this summer.

 Text: beautypress