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3 November 2017

Presentation of the "Kiss of 1905" by the Romanian artist Constantin BRANCUSI, Cornerstone of his work, Sculpture at the origin of Modern Art - At the headquarters of the Couture House LANVIN

Ms. Wang, owner of the Couture House LANVIN and Nicolas Druz, administrator, have the honor to present exclusively, Monday, November 6, 2017 at their office, the sculpture at the origin of modern art, "the Kiss of 1905 "by Constantin BRANCUSI, the most outstanding work in the world.

In the presence of selected guests:

Thierry RAYER, researcher in art and history at the origin of the discovery of the well-kept secrets of the work of Constantin BRANCUSI on the genesis of the "Kiss of 1905".

René HABERT, President of the Scientific Committee of the Claude Bernard Museum

Jean-Louis CALLENS, Secretary General of French Secours Populaire

Anne Malraux, granddaughter of André Malraux,

Jean-Paul DE BERNIS, National President of Merit and French Dedication

Nicou Piaraly, on behalf of AKDN, the Prince Aga Khan Foundation

With the presence of Hubert Jacobé De Naurois.

The LANVIN Couture House will announce several launches in preview:

The edition of a book presenting the RAYER collection, reserved for LANVIN customers, gathering photos of the "1905 Kiss" and several exceptional works from the private collection of Thierry RAYER, photographed by Anne MALRAUX.

the creation and sale of 11 numbered copies, the most expensive in the world, of T-shirts in the colors of the sculpture "The Kiss of 1905" whose funds will be fully donated to Secours Populaire.

Thierry RAYER will expose his new discovery, the hidden interpretation of the logo of the LANVIN Fashion House.

Finally the guests will be able to leave their handprints on the sculpture "Vitae", a work of the French artist Antilore Banon who will be placed on the surface of the Moon.