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Pamela Anderson offers a luxury faux fur coat to Melania Trump


15 February

Pamela Anderson sent a unique gift to Melania Trump, a tailor-made and faux fur coat to thank the First Lady for her fur-free look at the presidential inauguration. The eco-friendly garment was designed by Pamela Anderson herself specifically for Melania Trump and in collaboration with the Russian Only Me Fake fur house.

"In the midst of all the excitement of the inauguration, you were delightful in your outfit designed by Ralph Lauren, one of the many creators who do without animal fur," wrote Pamela Anderson in a letter to Mrs. Trump. "I am extremely happy that you choose not to wear fur! As a first lady, you will inspire fashion trends, and by remaining kind to the animals in your clothing choices, you will be warm to the heart to many people. Pamela Anderson's militancy for animals in Russia began in 2009 when she wrote to Vladimir Putin (prime minister at the time) thanking him for banning the killing of seal pups.

In 2011 she joined forces with PETA USA (whose motto is that "animals do not belong to us and we do not have to use them as clothing") to encourage Russia, 90% of the skins of baby seals originating from her country of origin, Canada, to prohibit this importation. In 2016, the blonde icon was named personality of the year by PETA UK for her efforts to propagate a vegan diet and its position against the use of wild animals in circuses among many other actions for animals. Pamela Anderson was recognized by Vogue for her style of dress, both elegant and uncompromising on its ethical principles. Last month she was also nominated as an ambassador for Andreas Kronthaler's spring-summer collection for Vivienne Westwood, one of the fashion designers who, like so many others, does not need fur.