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Losing weight with grains - The Saracen by Valérie Orsoni


Known as "buckwheat", the Saracen is the solution for those who try to lose weight healthily and for good.

The flour of Saracen, grains to be cooked, kasha (roasted grains), flakes and even infusion: the Saracen savours under all forms, from simple dessert to breakfast and snacking. Do you know it yet? 

Have a quick taste of it!

In this book:

25 good reasons to start with Saracen: its absence of gluten, its capacity to regulate glycemia, its complete proteins, its detox virtues … 

101 sweet and salted recipes to love very good for your health.

Available only online on and

Coach for the American stars, Valérie Orsoni founded LEBOOTCAMP method, that allowed more than a million persons to find the line without frustration.

"The Saracen, all secrets of the miracle seed", Valérie Orsoni.

Editions MPC - 191 pages

14,90 euro

Available from May 30th, 2013

Recipe: Madeleines with Saracen, 100 % without gluten

Preparation: 20 min 

Refrigeration: 1 h 

Cooking: 10 min

For 12 madelaines

130 g of flour of sieved Saracen 

100 g of butter of Guérande 

1 c. in soup of honey 

2 eggs 

50 g of sugar 

½ sachet of chemical yeast

Melt the butter and pour it into a salad bowl. Add the honey and the sugar then the flour blended with the yeast.

Blend well, then add eggs one after another. Cover and let rest 1 h in the refrigerator.

Preheat the oven in 240°C. Fill the footprints of a mould with madeleines, in preferred silicone, half only.

Clean 6 off min, then lower the temperature of the oven in 200°C and follow cooking during 4 min.

Take out the plate of the oven and turn madeleines out of the tin at the end of 5 min. Let cool down on a grid.