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Confidence in this strange world, TEDxIssylesMoulineaux

30 November

"I said weird, how weird is it" ... said Louis Jouvet in Funny drama, the film of Carné and PrévertEveryone has a definition of "weird". What does Larousse say? It is bizarre what deviates from the common use, surprises by its strangeness, departs from "common sense", has an "abnormal" behavior. Are we then right to describe as bizarre this world that is coming, and who is already there?The world has always been a strange mixture of stability and change.Heraclitus, about 2,500 years ago, spoke of "what changes in what remains and what remains in what is changing".  Currently, changes are accelerating, suggesting that we are crossing a civilizational shift. Many feel the sensation or intoxication of a seesaw: the base (especially of values) that supported us until the last century no longer seems to be able to ensure stable benchmarks. Globalization has introduced the great merits of standardization ... But the planet seems to be bending over the prospect of having to force its way into a single mold. The sedentarisation, at the origin of our agricultural civilization, had taught us to "submit" the land (and finally the "landless" people). We did it with increasing efficiency. But now we discover that this land, our "common home",

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