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Pay with your veins? Now it's possible!

13 February

White Castle hosted an event on the 6th of February at Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts, with a more atypical theme: paying with your veins! No cash, no cards, no passwords ... just veins!  The company that created the idea, Fingopay, lets you pay for goods using only your finger. It enables fast, safe, secure transactions. There is no need for cash, cards or passwords. The reader uses Hitachi VeinID technology. Harmless infrared light maps the unique pattern of your veins. The cloud-based matching system verifies payment in seconds. Fingopay is currently used at many musical events and festivals, in European bars and restaurants and at universities: including Brunel University, UK, and Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, enabling payments using only your finger. The new technology has started to get the buzz around it and it is expected to be implemented in as many locations as possible.   

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