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7 French from 10 learn English while Travelling

17 August

The French are increasingly inclined to travel abroad. This passion for travel is pushing the French to focus more on language learning and especially English. In fact, 71% of French people say they learn English sentences before traveling, according to a study by ABA English Academy of English Online. To help all those who decide to leave for an English-speaking country in the coming weeks, ABA English publishes a guide containing the most useful English expressions to cope with everyday situations.To avoid problems at airportsAs we can see in the study, the problems with the English language start from the beginning of the trip: 37% of the French admit to having problems of communication in English at airports. That's why, before you embark on the adventure, you should learn some basic phrases. Upon arrival at the airport the first question that arises is, Where is the check-in? (Where can I register?) Once that is done, the next step is passport control, where you will be asked to, can you show me your passport and your boarding pass? (Can you please show me your passport and boarding pass?) Once security is over, your interest will focus on your flight: When does the flight take

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