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Supercars, Superyachts and Supership at Top Marques Monaco

15 February

Top Marques will be among the innovators in the world of luxury with a new record in 2017: the biggest launch in the category of luxury goods! The show will not only have supercars and superyachts but also supership! Luxury lifestyle enthusiasts will have the chance to see Silversea to present its brand new and sumptuous cruise liner - Silver Muse - whose baptism will take place on the eve of Top Marques on April 19th. • With 40,700 tons, Silver Muse alone weighs much more than all supermarcars on display at Top Marques since its launch - the average weight of a supercar is 1400 kg. • The boat has the most sumptuous cabins ever seen on a cruise ship - some 146 m2, or 18.5 m2 more than the average size of a French apartment! • Silver Muse has 8 restaurants aboard, an unprecedented number that includes a Relais et Châteauand a Jazz club, the Silver Note. There will also be an outdoor option, by the pool. It's up to you to see,  20-23 April 2017!

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