In a space ambiance, Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 collection is a step into the redefined 70s. A new vibe and a continuation line from the Fall collection can be seen all along the show.

"Of course, I was projecting my work into the environment," Nicolas Ghesquière said regarding his collection and ambiance. "But it was not a direct reference to the space. It's only been six months. I'm building that wardrobe, and I'm defining what is Louis Vuitton today, thinking about different moments for the multiple women I'm projecting for Louis Vuitton. But again, it's, like, March. Not a big statement." 

It is a sort of futuristic combinations with all lace dresses and denim choices, flamboyannce and geometrically patterns. The idea of the collection is to have fun wearing LV clothing and look girly. And, of course, accessorize them with bags that came in different shapes and forms.

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni