Givenchy is back to roots. At least at Riccardo Tisci`s roots back when he started his work as a fashion designer for Givenchy.

In a Gothic bohemian style mixed with rock`n`roll and folklor, the Spring 2015 collection is very much about having a smart casual attitude, a strong beauty and sense of confidence.

"Basically I'm going back to what I was doing in the beginning, 10 years ago at Givenchy when I arrived," the designer said.

For this collection we see a lot of pants, a lot of over the knee boots, many blouson dresses, stripes and Tyrolean embroideries laced together, leather and belts, many in black and brown colors. 

This collection points out more to a certain seductiviness of the woman and less on a more accentuated feminine side. It is about being confident in all the ways and having a fierceful beauty.