One of the most awaited fashion shows of the Paris Fashion Week is, definitely, Chanel. What has Karl Lagerfeld prepared to fashion humanity?

Well, as we could see: street fashion! No high heels, floating dresses or any type of sophistication, just Chanel elements put together into a concrete scenery of the streets.

"All different kinds of women, all different kinds ... hardly groomed...It's like walking in the streets." said the fashion designer.

The collection was a mix of Chanel tweeds with pastel colors and stripes and white blue navy outfits. One of the combinations was with the pastel boots in tone with the blouse, the large tweed coats over large pants, golden look-a-like shoes. Over all, the pastels used in dresses, blouses, boots were like sweet spring paintings on clothes. One thing noticed was the jacket turned bag that was worn as a cross-body. And, of course, Gisele Bundchen wearing beige stripes outfit, a longish striped cardigan over shorts.

So, in the casual style of the Ready-to-Wear, Karl Lagerfeld noted about this collection: "It's not the red carpet," he said. "It's the street." 

Editor Andra Oprea

Photos by Giovanni Giannoni