• Grunge Tracy Reese

  • Low Pony Calvin Klein

  • Wet look Alberta Ferretti

  • Minimaliste Rebecca Minkoff

  • Braids & Romantic Tadashi Shoji

  • Volume XXL Marc by Marc Jacobs


Grunge Tracy Reese

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Fashion Weeks A/W 2013/14: hair report

beautybeauty tips & t…

6 March 2013


The codes of this look refer to the nineties: tousled hair way "jump of the bed" well-trained in the wax, big tendency of the short cuts, accompanied with a marked make-up. 

Neglected effect is worked and is meant to be "cool ", asymmetry is of bet. It is the ideal hairstyle to be adopted if they want to break rules.

Low pony

How the long hair during next winter is done? They are tied in low tail! Adopt a sophisticated look with wick wrapped to conceal the rubber band, like a black and fine rubber band, in any simplicity. At Alexander Wang, the tail is of another colour than the rest of hair, ideal to break routine winter and to make take in a little of colour into its daily!

Big tendency of this year: the wet look in roots.

Wet look

The root will be wet next winter, or not. Tendency very spread during the last autumn / winter 2013/14 runways, the wet look comes preferably to the tied hair: ponytail, chignon banana...

The secret of a wet root which holds all day / night long? Work wick by wick and not skimp on frost! If frost is applied that superficially, they get an effect rather "greasy hair" which is not of course desired...


This look recalls a rather futuristic, very structured and smooth look. Hair is completely controlled, and hair falls to the cm near. There is something purified enough in minimalist look, that mark represents completely Calvin Klein. 

If there is no rigid hair, they are sluck in the iron, and the stripe on the side for next winter will be prefferable. The secret of this look? A big quantity of lacquer.

Braids and romantic

The plait crowns is delayed more than ever in honour to the next winter; ruffled hair or wise Bavarian effect, this is the question. Brought back on the front of the head, crossed behind, in waterfall on the side, all variants are allowed. 

This hairstyle is a strong statement in itself, and brings a resolutely romantic and soft key to the one who will adopt it.

Volume XXL

Curls extremist spacious, whom it is possible to try to quieten down with a stripe on the side and a discreet hair slide. Accessorized (ex: sunglasses), this hairstyle will give you air of vintage film star. Curl and volume: nostalgia of some epoch when all women carried salomés?

Text and images: beautypress.fr