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The Return of the Leg Warmers by Chanel

11 December

It's the return of the 80s style now more confirmed with Chanel. The Metier d'Art fashion show in Hamburg was a return into the past with a modern twist. We can see Kara Geiber, Cindy Crawford's daughter wearing her leg warmers in a jumper dress made by Barie in Scotland, Chanel's wool brand and, of course, the right acessory to have, a Baker Boy hat. It's all chic and charm!  The leg warmers are one of the main "attractions" of the show, in a variety of colors, proving to a fashionista that you can feel sexy and cosy in the winter time, too.  It's a piece of clothing that makes a statement at the moment and is sure to be on the waves to many designers. Let's not forget the luxury leggings that Gucci created that costed more than 1900 euros.

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