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Michael Kors x Yang Mi celebrate Qixi 2018

13 August

This year, Michael Kors is happy to celebrate Qixi with a campaign dedicated to the event and two specially created Whitney handbags in collaboration with actress Yang Mi, brand ambassador. The Qixi holiday, which is based on aChinese romantic legend nearly 2,000 years old, looks like Valentine's Day. These handbags are a reinterpretation of the brand's new Whitney bag. They are adorned with silver metallic elements in the shape of a star and heart in a nod to the meaning of Qixi. They will be available in bright red leather and black leather, colors that Yang Mi has chosen to reflect his personality and personal style. The Whitney Qixi bags will be launched on August 1st, at a special event held in Shanghai attended by Yang Mi, and will then go on sale worldwide. During this event will also be presented the ephemeral concept Michael Kors x Yang Mi, which, to the delight of fans, will settle in Shanghai from August 1 to 19 and Chengdu from August 25 to September 2. "I am delighted to have created these bags for Qixi as part of my mission as Michael Kors' ambassador," said Yang Mi. "I find the woman Michael Kors elegant, charming and confident,

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