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Exhibition, "Cards of the soul: An artist on the way by artist David Syre

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30 April 2018

The Vendôme Art Gallery is pleased to welcome the American artist David Syre for his first exhibition in Europe: "Cards of the soul: An artist on the way". The artist chose France because it is where he confirmed his project of artistic life. The city of Nice represents "the first step of a new path" for the colorful, joyous and full of symbols of David Syre, who will then unveil his works in the United States and Argentina. The exhibition "Maps of the Soul: An Artist on the Way" is dedicated to travel. David Syre travelled throughout all his life. The series of 23 works exhibited at the Gallery Vendôme reflects the different stages of his life. Through the paintings, drawings and sculpture, it is the map of David Syre's existence that can be read. These works of art have been created between 2013 and 2018. The public will discover David Syre's highlight, "My life". It took him two months to make this sculpture. It was directly inspired by his way of life. Several pieces compose it, each echoing a period in the life of the artist. The sculpture was thought to be exposed in Nice.

The artistic work of David Syre David Syre is a deep being, endowed with an energy, an appetite to learn and live extraordinary. It is this nature that has led him on trips around the globe and on a spiritual path that he pursues in parallel with his artistic practice. He draws his inspiration from the heart of Mother Mother Earth, from the origin of men, before rising to the light. His work is in the image of his trajectory and the spirit that is his. Straight out of his subconscious, archetypal and primordial images take us into the world of silence, of what cannot be said. By the color and the incorporation of symbols of all religions, by circles, spirals, by the letter C, by the numbers ... David speaks. Everything makes sense to him. Everything is mathematical. But instead of complex and obscure formulas it is I game, the joy that takes over. "Cards of the soul: an artist on the way" delivers lively and light works. The artistic work of David Syre David Syre is a wonderful being with incredible depth and enormous energy, a desire to learn and enthusiasm for life. These attributes have taken him on journeys around the world and onto a reflective spiritual path, one he follows alongside his art practice: art rooted in Mother Earth, in the core, and the origin of mankind, art that ascends towards enlightenment. David creates art that reflects his life's journey and the spirit of his soul. Archetypal and primordial images emerging from the artist's subconscious challenge the viewer to search for the unexpressed, the silenced. David expresses himself using color and incorporating symbols from all religions, circles, spirals, the letter C, numbers.

For him, everything has meaning, and everything is mathematical. Yet, instead of producing entangled, complex equations, he plays, he has fun; he gives lively and joyful creations. David's person is like his art: full of light and color. His message and motto, "Peace, Love, Compassion, Forgiveness," are embodied in his projects. During the year 2018, David Syre will exhibit in two other countries, the United States and Argentina. Each of these destinations has a special meaning, but with a common denominator: the concept of "the road" traveled by the artist. Thus, the themes of the exhibitions of Nice, Santa Fe and Buenos Aires will be different. In Nice (May), the veil rises on the path of life of David Syre, Santa Fe (September), we explore the origins and development of humanity in time and Buenos Aires (November), the works will be dedicated to configurations of femininity and masculinity in line with Ona culture. Each destination will lead to "The Peace Trail", the great project of the artist in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 

Exhibition "Cards of the soul: An artist on the way" by David Syre From the 3rd to the 19th of May 2018 Galerie Vendôme, 16 rue Emmanuel Philibert, quartier des antiquaires, Port de Nice, Nice Opening on May 3rd at 7pm