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Are you a Raw or Baked Kind of Person?

19 July

  I always wanted to ask you: does it hurts being you? Yes, you, you without shell, you without social clothes, you without influential thoughts! The raw you! More and more, into the nowadays society, I see the "baked" people, people who are, since the day they were born, just some statistics, some figures and numbers: starting from name, age, length, depth etc. People who get to a certain ...let's call it adult age ... filled with pasta, spooned spaghetti and tortilla, with sausages and crumbles all over, rotten apples and expired eggs. A mix just like this gastronomic plate filled with ...whatever! And once these people get to adultness, they have opinions, they speak, they order, they involve in certain areas of society. Messy as they are and taking it as a normal state of being! They even start to sew scenarios, being circumspect on people: everyone is bad, everyone is hiding something! They are not to blame, this is the reality they live into and they can't see another way of living! And the society gets sicken by these types of people grinded by their own social patterns, education, fears and phobias. And this twist like in a circle makes you enter into a long distance from yourself. You can't hear yourself anymore because of all this noise! And you give chances

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