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Bikini model at 61? Inspiring interview with Yazmeenah Rossi

7 July

Energies can be felt from the distance! And this is just the case! The interview with Yazmeenah Rossi did not only revealed her physical looks and what made the world curios about modelling at 61 but more about her inner power of being and creating Beautiful. This is what I wanted to reveal to your, too, dear readers! An introspection more than an exteriour exploration of what true beauty and growing beautiful through age can really mean.  Dear Yazeemenah, please, share us with our readers the story of your life in key points ! I am  a paradoxe in the way that I love as much to be at home than to explore the World ....I am an artist in each field of my life . During my childhood I grew up in nature and raised by my Corsican grand parents, this gave me strength to face the first school (and for life) where I had been rejected by other kids. Kids can be very cruel... they called me Italo, Romano, gipsy, dirty Arab, because of my name Yasmina Rossi that I changed legally 3 years ago for Yazemeenah by an Amazing concourse of circumstances . Having an Arabic first name and Italian last name was a hard combination in a world of primary

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