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Oscars 2017 : what the names of the movies are hiding

22 February

The Oscar ceremony is fast approaching. In a little less than a week, we will finally know the names of the actors who will return home with a Hollywood statuette in hand. Like every year, many French people will watch this cultural rendezvous on the small screen. But before the show starts, do you know what elements are hiding behind the original titles of the nominated films? For the sake of detail, ABA English, an online English academy with millions of students around the world, explains how to interpret the five most curious titles of cinematographic works that will make a lot of talk this Sunday .  1. La La Land (directed by Damien Chazelle) The musical film with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is undoubtedly the favorite of the ceremony since he is nominated in more than half of the categories. The title, apparently simple enough to understand, actually hides two anglophone references. The American press uses the name "La La Land" to talk about the city of Los Angeles (often abbreviated as LA). This expression also indicates "having the head in the clouds", a characteristic trait shared by Mia and Sebastian, the two protagonists of the film.  2. Moonlight (directed by Barry

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