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You're a Walking Commercial Without Being Paid

4 May

You're a walking commercial and you don't even get paid with it! Yes, you turned yourself into a barcode using it, flashing it and, sometimes, even boasting about it! Walking the streets of Nice, today, has got me thinking: are we all promoters without, maybe, even knowing it? You pay the brand for their advertising Definitely, we are more than the industrialized era and the mass consumption society! We are tagline walking humans! I've seen a lot of people, today, wearing clothes that had logo's brands on it. Some may be very proud! Some may feel the guilt, right now! You're in the middle of a big manipulation! Who needs to pay big advertising channels in order to promote when we have humans paying brands to promote them, for free?! We have them voluntarily and happily walking! With the brand's name right in front of everyone's eyes, screaming it to buy them! The more luxurious, the merrier As the brand's name is even more luxurious, the pride is even higher! We're part of a social status, we're good! Just like the famous bag with the initials on it that everyone is eager to wear it! Or the shoes that are so uncomfortable to wear but you must wear it because it's ...class, it's part of the game. A study led by

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