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When Art Turns Stage Into a Poem

10 December

He dropped in me the doina ... a drop of Malaele, a drop of Caramitru! He has poured out his soul and the poem through the high-tech cello of Naidin! The voices that once lingered my childhood, sounded like they had been brought from a past on a stretched canvas. Slowly, the part of the parts of the past that had been dwindling on the new agreements slowly dwindled. The same voices, the same testimonies ... A drop of Malaele, a drop of Caramitru, drips into the eternal romanticism firmly anchored in our subconscious. What a dramatic twilight, what a typical Romanian humor, two antipodes that have the fabric of an entire nation. And then a longing for poetry, childhood singing, then a tingle and a cry, in the hall without breath, then a raset and a song now by Great Romania! *** Conversation with Ion Caramitru Tell me, tonight, how was the audience? It was different from the one in the country?  It differs, in some way and not, from another point of view! First of all, it is a Romanian show with the best quality texts we love and the vibe of the audience comes from our delight, mainly. What we earn when we leave the country is

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