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Magic in the air at Monaco

18 May

We're talking about magic today ! Magic in the air ! With the jump of the world skydiving French champion, Sebastien Carbillet, on Monaco land ! Besides the technical parts : jumping for Medpi, a digital exhibition at Grimaldi Forum between 16 and 19 May and the brand Crosscall, known for the outdoor technology, the preparations at Heli Air Monaco, the briefing between the pilot and the skydiver, the little details about the wind, the landing, the timing ... there was this poetry that made the magic float in the air ! Just when the sunset lights got warmer and more colourful, I embarked along with Sebastien Carbillet in the helicopter piloted by Yves Helpiquet, a very cheerful and professional pilot with an experience of more than 34 years in the field. He got us all under his charm with stories that capture the heart from filming some action scenes, just a few nights before, for an American movie in the bay of Villefranche sur Mer up to meeting celebrities and discover how they are. When we want something, we apply if it's passion "I cannot complain ... I have situations more tense than others ... I was lucky, I had all the stars aboard, nice people. I had drivers of Formula 1, I had known singers ... Johhny Mitchel who is a nice gentleman. He and

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