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She Who Dares Wins, Inspiring Interview

8 October

We all love inspiring stories, aren't we? We all want to hear about true experiences, about authentic people and draw the inspiration from it! And this is what Stylezza is trying to achieve and convey for you! I invite you to read this amazing interview with a woman that will stir your emotions and good energy, a fabulous being to discover! Here it is Heidi Fossali, fashion lover, self development coach, business woman and much more! Dear Heidi, we think of interviews in order to share stories and inspire. What is your story, Heidi? I have always had an inbuilt desire to help others to feel powerful, beautiful and confident! It started when I was in my late 18. I loved the idea of beauty, fashion, fitness. So, there's where my journey started! I was a young girl in London, and I was working, I was doing some modelling and, then, I decided to take off around the world with a backpack it felt empowered at that time. It was an amazing adventure! I worked, also, as a fashion editor in Australia. It was a little like "Devil Wears Prada", actually! And, from there, I got back to Fashion College in London, worked for couture houses ...loved that! I soon realized that fashion was one

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