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The Secrets Of A Happy Life With Therapeutic Writing

22 February

Write Your Way To Happiness is the newest book in the personal development industry with a focused approach on therapeutic writing as part of a daily practice. According to cognitive behavior specialists, writing down your thoughts and feelings can have profound effects on your health and well-being. Writing offers clarity and mindfulness, which are ever important in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Self esteem coach and author Alexandra Bădiță offers a thorough guide full of personal experience, heartfelt anecdote and easy to follow practical exercises.             "Writing therapy is not just for writers. It can become part of your daily routine. The sooner you experience getting out of your head, the better. Taking one step back and seeing things objectively, while writing them down, will help you make sense of what is bothering you and where you need to work. Just stay present", recommends Self-Esteem Coach Alex Bădiță. With a background in journalism and digital marketing, Alex's personal journey found her facing panic attacks and seeking therapy a few years back. "The writing exercises from my sessions were making the most sense out of everything. I always had a passion for writing, I just never knew how beneficial and therapeutic it was", explains the author.             Researchers have found that writing therapy improves both physical and mental

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