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Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017
Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 2017

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Comedy Monte Carlo Film Festival


The 14th edition of the Monte-Carlo Film Festival of the Comedy opened on Wednesday 1st of March with the press conference, chaired by Ezio Greggio, director and founder of the festival, with director Michael Radford, Jury, the honorary president of this edition, director John Landis and programmer Markus Duffner. The festival, which inaugurated the selection of films in competition with the film Welcome to Germany by director Simon Verhoeven, will continue until Sunday 5 March.The press conference was also an opportunity to tell anecdotes and memories related to comedies that have made the history of cinema.Jury President Michael Radford remembered Massimo Troisi: "Massimo Troisi was a very reserved person, he reminded me of an Englishman." When we shot him Postino, he was already sick. Been a challenge."

A few years before filming Postino I asked Massimo to play in one of my films that I should have shot in Scotland, in Glasgow, he refused saying that for him it was a too cold city! Later, he proposed me to make a film in Naples and it is I who declined the offer, saying that in Naples it was too hot! John Ladis talked about John Belushi, an unforgettable cult movie starring Animal House and The Blues Brothers;"He was a genius, a real talent, he knew how to express himself without speaking. During the shooting of the films I shot with him, many dialogues written for his characters were erased precisely because thanks to his physique he succeeded to convey his state of mind with precision, he knew how to make himself understood by the public only through an expression of the face or a gesture of the hand.In the evening, the Théâtre des Variétés plays full chamber and applause for the Spanish comedy Kiki, Lovo to Love by Paco Leon in the presence of the Spanish actress Belén Cuesta.

Tomorrow's day, Friday, March 3, will be full of guests. At 11 o'clock the French preview of Three Heists and a Hamster in the presence of the director Rasmus Heide and his interpreter Jonatan Spang; At 3:30 pm, the director Paul Negoescu will present his new film, the Romanian comedy Two Lottery Tickets, and at 7:45 pm, Italian premiere Orrechie, the Italian surprise comedy of the Venice Film Festival, in the presence of director Alessandro Aronadio and Performers Daniele Parisi, Niccolo Segni and Rocco Papaleo.