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Chloé Ready-to-Wear Spring 2017

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30 September 2016

Chloé showed at Paris Fashion Week what it best knew: how to be a romantic French girl in a comfy modern world! That's the spirit of Spring 2017 collection with the guidance of Waight Keller at the creative horns. 

All that designer wanted to capture was "the effortless simplicity of French style" via "a play of boyish attitude and romantic details." And it succeeded and even more. We see nautical mood, even though this was not the main intention, we see boheme moves and carefree attitude! It is quite a 70s vibe plunging a little bit into the 80s without forgetting the nowadays influences.

So, in order for high-end fashion to sell and be on the market, it has to become more casual, more sportif. This is the trend! And it can be clearly seen on the runways! 

Spring 2017 Chloé collection starts from a sportif baseline and continues with a more urban feminine side. Time to be comfy in the city and look French enough! Big sleeved navy top over white shorts or simple lined dresses with big bows on the shoulder.

Definitely, this is the way romanticism plunges into pragmatism without forgetting the modern touch!


Editor Andra Oprea