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The Documentary Series DO YOU with Cara Delevingne and Puma

27 July

The documentary series "DO YOU" brings together an arsenal of strong women from a variety of backgrounds, the common thread of which is a mixture of courage and confidence. The "DO YOU" campaign encourages women around the world to have confidence to focus on their strengths and shape their own universe - because each one deserves to be heard and can change one's own life and other's. The first film shows how Cara, with the help of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, traveled through northern Uganda to visit several refugee camps. She evokes this overwhelming experience, and her motivation to change the lives of young women all over the world. In the second episode, Cara meets Monique, Alexis and Violeta of Get Lit, a group of young girls who rely on poetry to improve the literacy of Los Angeles youth and empower them. In the third episode, Ryhana Dawood, founder of Martial Smarts and a martial arts teacher, gives Cara a powerful lesson in self-defense. Finally, in the last episode, we meet Natalie and Daniella, who confide in their experience of harassment and how they have managed to overcome this painful chapter of their lives. "This is one of the most incredible

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