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Le monde de Halle Berry parmi le ocial media

20 Juin

  Each time, at Cannes Lions, we enter a swirl of ideas. Here, the power of speech is created and inspirational vibes fluctuates into the atmosphere. The meeting with Halle Berry learnt us about the power of social media and the connection with the fans and world towards this. As much as the actress wants to keep her privacy for her own, the need of connecting with people other way that it has been done before came as an urge. And this has power and overtakes everything! The actress created her own site and social media Hallewood with different sections like Beauty, Style, Health & Fitness, Parenting, Art - where she wants to connect or even propulsate new talents grace to her platform and celebrity. She wants to talk important social matters, issues from nowadays living and connecting and listening to fans in a very actual way really takes her to another level. How much the communication has changed during the years and how much it will do in the futur ? We are so connected via applications and social media that this has become a natural need ...for some ! Halle Berry wants, though, to keep her private line separate from the public one and to have her intimacy! Hard, we may say, if you're celebrity and always on socializing! At the beginning, the actress said she

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