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Brad Pitt, in love with Princess Charlotte Casiraghi

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14 November 2017

Brad Pitt, finally free! said a lot of feminine voices. Not just yet, ladies! The handsome actor, although he ended the marriage with Angelina Jolie more than 12 months ago, he was never quite alone. Rumours were about having a relationship with Kate Hudson, but now, even more surprisingly, he goes straight to blue blood. 

"I'm in love with a Princess", Brad said and amazed everyone. And the Princess of his heart is now none other than Charlotte Casiraghi, known for her ressemblance to Angelina Jolie. Therefore, a returning to stereotypes, royal this time! Charlotte Casiraghi, the daughter of Princess Caroline and the granddaughter of Grace Kelly is a beauty that is very much the young version of Angelina Jolie, maybe even more beautiful, some may say.

'No-one could believe it when we saw them together,' and onlooker said. 'There have been rumours circulating for weeks that Brad has moved on with a new woman, but no-one was ready to see him hand-in-hand with royalty from Monaco.', New Idea cited. 

Marion Cotillard, the Cupidon for Brad Pitt and Charlotte Casiraghi

The romance started in a friends' circle, Marion Cotillard being the Cupidon for this. The actress is a very close friend of the Princess and of the actor, mostly after playing together in the movie Allied. She thought it could be a great moment to introduce two single beautiful people. 

The story stirred so many controversions and it is for sure one to follow.

Do you think is too early to hear the bells and turn Brad Pitt into the official Prince Charming, after all?

PS: Brad Pitt said all the rumours were "totally false", after all the media buzz.

Author Andra Oprea