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Deep Skin Beauty Cleaning Routine

24 May

Every woman had it: in the bathroom, jars, flasks and tubes pile up - but even if you are still diligent in your care program, your skin lacks luster. For what reasons ? Often, cleaning & makeup removal of the face is the cause. What error do we reproduce? What are the professional advice? beautypress explains everything! Initially, there was water When cleaning, the water should not be too hot. The reason: the hot water dries out the skin and acts on the blood circulation. The blood vessels on the nose, cheeks and under the eyes are more visible and the skin is reddish and weak. In the morning, use lukewarm water that will do you the greatest good to reduce the excess of sebum without attacking your skin. At the end of your routine, cold water will cool your face and close your pores. Deep cleaning Not only the climatic factors have an influence on the skin, but also on the productivity of the sebaceous glands. During the hot season, they are more active than in winter. Sebum clogs pores and causes stains. It prevents the skin from regenerating during the night. And clogged pores can go as far as causing inflammation. People with

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