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Bye Bye wrinkles, the must do tricks for it

21 June

You have often wondered which are the most effective active ingredients to reduce wrinkles? Beautypress interviewed 3 experts and today reveals the answers. Fabrice Lefèvre, Global Scientific Marketing Manager Induchem I would recommend 3 types of ingredients in anti-aging care. The first category is that of moisturizers, especially hyaluronic acid (the first generation, or even better the 3rd generation developed in recent years to plump the dermis - it will be marked DISODIUM ACETYL GLUCOSAMINE PHOSPHATE). In addition to hyaluronic acid, long-chain sugars derived from plants such as Tamarin give perfect moisture to the skin and prevent its aging. The second category of anti-aging ingredients is antioxidants. Among them stars are vitamin C and E, and green tea and resveratrol. These cosmetic stars are gradually replaced by new generation antioxidants that can release their anti-free radical power throughout the day (you will find them under the names CAFFEYL GLUCOSIDE or POLYDATIN GLUCOSIDE on the packaging). Finally peptides are among the most powerful assets to date. There is a very wide variety, and their name on the packaging is easy to identify (OLIGOPEPTIDE, HEXAPEPTIDE). One of the last put on the market even shows an effectiveness against the pollution and the wrinkles of the

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