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Bath skin care

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14 December 2012

Interview with Dr. Rixa Dippe, laboratory expert in development NIVEA Bath Care

beautypress: What are the most succesful bath products?

Dr. Rixa Dippe: The market of bath products has considerably developed these last years. Classical foamy creams of bath remain the most approved products by a large majority. On the other hand,  they preferred "family" stamped products, the customers turn from now on to products with relaxant virtues, version "spa" for tub, for example after a hard day or to present themselves one instant only for oneself. Bath oils also have met a successful growth through their nutritious properties for the skin, especially for the drier epidermises. 

beautypress: Has our relation with bath products improved since the democratisation of the spas and jacuzzi?

Dr. Rixa Dippe: We are another 40 %* to have at least 1 bubble bath a month, take 11 % a bath based on oil or on bath cream. And in the majority of cases, tubs are still the "classical" model. It is amusing to note that in the private homes having a jacuzzi, the frequency of use of the questioned persons hasn't modified. 

beautypress: What products do you recommend for the bath, and what products for the jacuzzi?

Dr. Rixa Dippe: All characterised "bath" products are therefore perfectly adapted to this activity. I disadvise to use them for jacuzzi on the other hand: oils contents can damage the system of filtration, and the foam produced normally by products risks leaving in uncontrollable dimensions! Ideal when there is a jacuzzi, it is to use bath salts. Afterwards don't forget to clean the jacuzzi well.

beautypress: What are the perfumes, the ingredients, of which we are particularly very fond?

Dr. Rixa Dippe: There is a distinct preference for all what softened the skin, ex: honey, milk of almond. As for perfumes, our tastes drive us towards more relaxant notes, as can be it lavender or even coconut. 

beautypress: To what is it necessary to pay attention when having a dry skin?

Dr. Rixa Dippe: It is important to prove that the temperature of the water isn't too hot, around 37°C am ideal. Besides, the bath should last no more than 15 minutes because beyond the skin is unnecessarily solicited. A good alternative in the classical foamy baths the baths of oil are, because their nutritive properties that preserve the skin better.


Photo: Le bath Collection